A new house! ;)

Soooo, all went well, and i am now the proud owner of a nice and spacious house located in Numansdorp.

A lot of renovating has to be done, and i’m starting a second blog for this, it is in dutch though, sorry about that.
You can find it here



Airforce demodays Volkel

Went to the ‘luchtmachtdagen’ of the NL Airforce in Volkel.
I think it must be a boys thing, but the fascination for these kind of things is remarkable.
The shear overwhelming power combinated with agility and beautiful design stil is a winner in my book. haha. 😉
The plan to attend this yearly event has been on my todo list for some time, and this year we got to it.

But since pictures can tell more than a thousand words, here is a selection of things that catched my attention.

The demo f16 of the Dutch Airforce
The demonstration F16 of the Dutch Airforce doing it’s demo run.

A Avro Vulcan of the RAF, very impressive sight!

The Men at work, nice to see such enthousiasm, and very nice that they can maintain and fly these old aircraft, i’d imagine it’s a dream for them. 🙂

A helicopter from the ground troops, in a combined demonstration with the airforce.

A demogroup of propeller aircraft, but i forgot which one.. 🙁

Scatterpillar released.

So, it’s been a while since my last post.
Outline was a real blast, and we released a nice 64k, and this one was actually pretty much finished, considering the time we had to spend on it.
You can download the 64k at pouet.net.
At the moment i’m busy with the purchase of a house, let’s hope that turns out well. 🙂

Zandvoort timeattack 2008

Today, Zandvoort was the stage for the second edittion of the dutch timeattack.

A lot of cars, in all variaties, both in cost and overall pace.

The dutch drifting scene was also present to battle it out, resulting in some nice action on the track.

And as usual, the pictures of this day can be found here.

The things ahead.

Outline was a blast, i had to cancel my animation due to the big rendertimes, so i decided to create a little rushed animation instead.

Our 64k with the catchy name Wrecked Angle was nice, not outstanding, due to rushing things as usual. Pandora however is working great, a bit buggy, but a lot of potential.

Looking forward to expand and tweak that one. 🙂

We received a letter that we got through the preselection of the intel demo competition, wich was kind of a surprise to us, looking at the high level of entry’s of past years.It will be our first full demo, so a lot of work has to be done on the Nerve engine to make it usable for a full blown demo.

Also Evoke is knocking at the door, where we wil release a nice (hopefully finished) 64k, and i’m planning to enter the animation competition with the cube animation.

And a large animation called ‘The Dutch Groove Experience’ is planned for breakpoint 2009, so enough stuff to keep me of the street for half a year. 😀

Outline 2008, and the struggle against the deadlines.

Currently, we (glow and i) are working hard to get our stuff ready for outline 2008, wich will be held 1-4 of may.

Glow is busy coding our new own softsynth called Pandora and the rest of the coding on our 64 kilobyte entry.

Meanwhile i’m busy working on a little animation i want to enter for the wild competition.

Idea of making this started at Breakpoint after seeing a lot of cool entry’s in the 4k/64k and demo competitions.

That, combined with the nice demoscene vibe, caused me to start working on this animation.

It features 10.000 polygon cubes, doing their thing.. 😉

I hope we will get everything done, outline was a lot earlier than we initially anticipated.

Seems our 64k will be a rushed partyhack once again, but finally without the v2 synth engine, and with our own rocking, semifinished synthengine. 🙂

Rendertimes of the animation are giving me the creeps, still need to do some optimizing, currently the estimate is it will take another 75 days of rendering.

Outline is only 10 days away though.. so.. that’s a bitch.. 🙂

teaser renders

And 2 little teaser screenshots. 😉

Nurburgring trip 24-02-’08

First ring trip of the year, previous one was canceled due to a nasty fluenza.
Like the previous time when we arived the track was humid, and slowly drying up.
So the first lap i took it easy, and fortunatly i was practicaly alone on the track, so i could focus on my own driving.
During the day i drove 3 more laps, and during these laps i started to get the rhythm of the car in combination with the track.
Unfortunaly the blowoff valve froze in the open position during the last lap, so the 265 hp were reduced to a mere 50hp.
Thankfully, the bov was easily repaired when i got home. doing a 100 on the autobahn is no fun 🙁
Lovin'it :)
The car and me having a blast. 🙂

Racing @ Zolder, 12 – 10 – ’07

This friday was a special day.

First time racing with the Scooby on a purpose build racetrack, and my first time on the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

Also a first was the amount of tracktime scheduled for this day, a whopping 5 hours.

The day was organized by bmw enthousiasts, but there was room for additional cars, so i was allowed to tag along. 🙂

I really had a blast on the track, and gradually getting to know the car.

I expected some defects to show up, since the car has never been seriously driven in it’s short life.

But the racing pedegree of the car became apperant during the day, everything kept doing its job, and kept doing it well.

The other cars were all dedicated circuit tools, with semislicks or even slicks installed.

So i was quite happy to notice that in the course of the day, i was able to keep up with most of them, although i only had street tyres.

All the drivers were very good, and everyone was racing clean, very enjoyable, and i like to do this again in the near future.

racing at Zolder

I’m having a blast! 😉

Photo’s were taken by Patrick van Wijngen, who tagged along, big thanks for those. 🙂

Nurburgring trip

Driving my new car around the Ring :)

Taking the new car for a spin on the nurburgring.

Sure felt like the car enjoyed it just as much as i did. 😀

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